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We also provide everyday essential personal care products. Such as, denture care, adult diapers & Pull-ups, wipes, toiletries, first aid supplies and so much more.

Monthly we will deliver a 30 day supply of each medication with a printout explaining

  • Purpose of each medication
  • How and when to take
  • Other essential information you can provide at each doctors visit

Specialty Packaging

Pharmacy Services

  • We have a simple to use packaging system
  • Your pharmacist will be available to discuss your medication 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Medication is expensive and our pharmacy staff will work with your doctor to provide, if available, a less expensive generic medication
  • Pharmacy staff will work on your behalf to request refills automatically
  • We accept all major insurances, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and Tricare
  • You may also establish an account with the pharmacy for convenient and easy to pay monthly statements
  • We will review your medications and communicate any necessary changes to your doctor or family member
  • Contact your Pharmacist Maria Jeffries on how to get started

327 Pine State Street, Lillington NC 27546

Phone 910-893-2986

We specialize in medication management